Swix Super Cera F Powder 30G

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The products in the Cera F category are not “waxes”, but 100% Fluorinated carbons. The raw material is of the purest quality specifically synthesized for racing bases. Swix FC78 Super Cera F FluoroCarbon Powder Ski Wax warm cold 30g +10 C to -10 C, 50 F to 14 F. Cera F Powder with a wide temperature range for transformed, old snow and covers both cold as well as wet conditions.Recommended iron temperature: 165 C, 330 F (best applied with a high-precision Swix iron like a T70 or T71); watch video to judge iron movement speed. A slow iron can burn your base at this temperature. Use of a respirator is highly recommended when applying powders, especially when ironing or rotobrushing. Swix Cera F is a 100% fluorocarbon wax overlay that is extremely water-repellent (hydrophobic) and minimizes friction. For best results, apply Cera F over a base layer of fluoro wax that has been ironed, scraped and brushed. Use with a base wax of one of the following waxes HF6, HF6BW or LF6, HF7, HF7BW or LF7. Good for snowboards as well as alpine or nordic skis. Features: · Weight: 30 g · Temperature: 1ºC to -10ºC