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Ski Bindings

We mount and adjust all indemnified bindings.

Indemnified bindings means the manufacturer will support our certified technician in the event of legal action. Typically a ski binding is no longer indemnified after about 10 years, at this time it's time to retire them to a recycling program or create a beer opener

We need a few things for a mount and adjustment: 1. Height, Weight, Age and Ability of the skier. 2. the skier's ski boot with toe and heels free of excessive wear. 3. A signatory 18+ years-old.



Buy the ski and binding from Skiis & Biikes FREE
Buy just the binding or ski from Skiis & Biikes  $25
Ski and binding purchased elsewhere $50
Ski binding swap



Track adjustment
Flat mount adjustment $20
Flat mount adjustment with remount
Kids adjustment (in Half Back) $15


*We cannot rebuild or test your bindings for safety.  

Snowboard Bindings

We mount and adjust angles of snowboard bindings from brands like:

Burton, Burton EST and Step-On, Union, Ride, Salomon, Deelux, K2 and all other major snowboard brands.

All adjustments and installs are $20.