Swix HS6 -4c to -12c Liquid Wax


Size: 125ml

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Available Sizes For: Blue

Mississauga 125ml
Collingwood 125ml
Toronto 125ml
Distribution Centre 125ml
Marketplace 125ml

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Temperature:Air -4°C to -12°C (25°F to 10°F)A liquid spray-on training and racing wax that can be used alone, or as base for other racing waxes. Especially developed for cold conditions, down to -12°C (10°F). Below this point liquids are normally outperformed by traditional paraffin waxes. HS6L is a versatile wax that works in all snow conditions, but performs at its best when the humidity is high. Replaces CH6XL.Recommended iron temp: 145°C (293°F)