Holmenkol Beta Mix Wax


Size: 2x35g

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Available Sizes For: Red

Mississauga 2x35g
Collingwood 2x35g
Toronto 2x35g
Distribution Centre 2x35g
Marketplace 2x35g

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Holmenkol Betamix Red is an excellent Hydrocarbon wax.  The low melting temperature is great for saturation of skis, cleaning by hot-scraping, or travel-waxing.  Bonus, it's pretty fast, too!  Iron 125-135C. The successful World Cup blend. Simple to use - no blending required. Brilliant base and training wax - hydrocarbon formula. Top products that are highly valued and recommended by national teams and the ski industry. For all types of snow, especially coarse grained, dry, old and aggressive. -4C (25F) to -14C (7F).  Iron 125-135C This wax is legendary and is Holmenkol's best selling wax.  It works very well as a base prep wax and easily saturates the base while providing durability.
2x35g bars (70g)