Holmenkol Beta Mix 5x190g


Size: 950g

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Mississauga 950g
Collingwood 950g
Toronto 950g
Distribution Centre 950g
Marketplace 950g

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The Holmenkol Betamix red is a fluorine-free training wax of performance level RMS-Level 3 for waxing alpine skis, cross-country skis and snowboards. This ironing wax is a very popular and proven hot wax for ironing on for dry to damp snow. 950 gram workshop pack for high wax consumption.

Holmenkol Betamix red - the most important properties at a glance: + Target group: Skiers, snowboarders and cross-country skiers of the target group (s) Pro, Race and Team
+ Type of wax: fluorine-free hot wax for ironing on the RMS level 3
+ Type of snow: red training
wax for dry to dry damp snow + temperature: air temperature from -2 to -13 ° C
+ consumption: 1 pack 5x190gr with 950g ironing wax is sufficient for approx. 159 pairs of alpine skis
+ costs: consumption costs approx. 44 cents per pair of alpine skis / snowboards