Gnu Riders Choice C3 Snowboard 2023


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Camber puts pop into skis/snowboards and gives skiers/boarders good edge control while carving turns

True Twin

The flex pattern is balanced, leaving the board to respond in the same manner forward as backward.

Asymmetrical Snowboard

Allows for tighter heel side turns and improved maneuverability. Improve your balance and control.

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By the Riders, for the Riders.

From design to performance, the Gnu riders had a heavy hand in this one. Asymmetry, slightly wider widths that rail and float combined with C2 Hybrid contours that pop, slide, carve and float. All laminated into an eco-minded construction with poppy carbon that is built to blast and last. It’s quite possibly the best snowboard Gnu have ever made!


Terrain >ASYM All-Mountain Free-Style Rider
Binding Compatibility 2x4 Inserts, 4x4 Inserts
Laminates Tri-Ax/Bi-Ax Glass: - Strong And Poppy
Rocker C2 Contour
Sidewalls UHMW: - Tough And Fast
Base Sintered Knife-Cut Base: - Fast, Tough And Holds Wax
Core G LITE 3 FSC Certified Aspen + Paulownia Core: - FSC, Lighter, Stronger And Poppy
Flex/Response Flex Rating – Medium-to-Firm Response
Shape ASYM All-Mountain Free-Style Shaping
Edges Magne-Traction®
Extra Features Carbon power bands: - Radical response and pop



Magne-Traction is science based magic you are actually very familiar with. With 7 strategically located edge serrations, your edge hold and control in all conditions just got upgraded! Yeah it's kinda like a serrated steak knife and turns ice into powder!

G3 ECO Construction

Since the beginning Gnu Snowboards have been handbuilt in the USA by Snowboarders with jobs at the World's most environMENTAL board factory! Brought to life with ZERO HAZARDOUS waste right here in Sequim, Washington, at Mervin Manufacturing, every unreal snowboard has ECOconscience.

G3 CORE Construction

With our patented G3 CORE Construction, we've been able to make some of the lightest, poppiest and strongest boards on the market. With a mix of Aspen and Paulownia, you can never go wrong.