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Shop our bikes online! If you need a suggestion or help with options, please give us a call.

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Step 2: Arriving at the store

employee adding products to the vestibule

Once you found your new bike, pay for the bicycle online and choose your pickup location

We will call you when it's ready and set up an appointment. When you arrive, call us or knock on our door. Please stay behind the red line.

Available either over the phone or online, we will install any bike accessories you need for free.

Find a Location

Step 3: Vestibule

employee adding products to the vestibule

Pick-up is easy and your new bike will be waiting for you in a vestibule at the entrance.

Want a Test Ride? If you want to compare bikes we'll disinfect all touch points before you arrive. To minimize the amount of interaction we are suggest:

Bring your own helmet.

Wear a mask and gloves.

Step 4: Payment

portable credit card machine with receipt

Once you decide on a bike that suits your needs, a sanitized machine is ready for you to complete your purchase.

You can also provide payment on your phone by sending money via

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