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Get a free pair of ski socks when you purchase an adult ski book over $400.

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Bootfitting has been our shop's cornerstone, since 1978

Every pair of ski boots sold in store comes with a custom fitting by one of our expert bootfitters. Our Boot Fit Guarantee means we work with you to find the right pair of boots, then adapt them to the unique contours of your feet. These concrete advantages combine to take your skiing to new heights.

Our Process

Great ski bootfitting starts the the best boot.

Pick your pair

Shop our expansive selection with help from our expert staff. We’ll help you choose the right boots for the best experience.


Lay the foundation

Our bootfitters will tailor the liner, shell and footbed to fit your feet. Under appreciated, but utterly important, footbeds lay the foundation of a great skiing experience. More about insoles.

In sole options

Trim to Fit: a great first step in achieving proper alignment and support. This insole comes in three arch heights. A Skiis & Biikes bootfitter will recommend a height and trim the insole to seamlessly fit inside your ski boot.  See the Sidas Insole




Adjustment and Feedback

Let us know how your boots fit. If things aren’t exactly how you’d like them, come back for adjustments. We'll work with you until it’s perfect.


The Benefits


While average boot fit, ski boot will press too hard or too little here and there, hindering blood flow; the Skiis & Biikes Boot Fit will give you a precise fit resulting in amazing warmth. We also install heaters and offer boots with pre installed heaters.





With a tight yet customized fitting boot there is no wasted movement. Unlike a roomy out-of-the-box fit the Skiis & Biikes Boot Fit will match all the contours of your foot and lower leg to give you the best fitting ski boot all day long.

All Day Comfort

With a custom or trim-to-fit footbed we align your foot into the correct anatomical position. We then correct any canting or cuff alignment of the shell. The result is a correct and balanced stance for more power in each turn with control.


Price Sheet


Type Price
Superfeet trimmed insole $55
Custom footbeds from Com'formable
Trimming existing insoles $15


Modification Price
Ankle Punch
Toe Punch
Shop Time

What to Expect

This may take awhile... but all good things come with time. A professional bootfit can take upwards of 45 minutes to complete because we take our time to get it right and guarantee results. We recommend calling ahead to schedule a fitting or see our live waitlist. Wear pants you can comfortably roll up to your knees and bring socks you intend to ski in. Lastly—it may seem strange—trim your toenails before your bootfitting. Sometimes the littlest things can affect how a boot fits.
What to bring: your ski socks, sport orthotics and/or current footbeds.
It’s also helpful to bring your old ski boots too. We like to get an idea of what you were skiing before and why you wanted to upgrade.


How to Keep your Feet Warm
If you’re reaching for the wrong material or fit, you're likely sacrificing comfort and warmth for the day. Read how to keep your feet warm.

How to Buckle Your Boots (Properly)
If you're not sure, this article is for you. 



best rated ski and boot service
Julian, Mississauga, ON
Aug 2019
As usual, great boot fitting and service. keeps my daughter happy to continue skiing. already referred a few friends whose kids are getting into the sport. looking forward to another great season!
best rated ski and boot service
Elaine, Toronto, ON
Nov 2019
I am a long time customer at the Don Mills store and this was my first visit to the new location. Service was fast even in the midst of a sale and the bootfitting is the best.
best rated ski and boot service
Elizabeth, Toronto, ON
Nov 2019
Best boot fitting experience of 3 different shops we’ve visited in last 5 years for getting kids’ gear. You’ve won us to be future repeat customers!

Ski & Snowboard Tuning

Ski & Snowboard Tuning



Ski Bindings

We mount and adjust all indemnified bindings.

Indemnified bindings means the manufacturer will support our certified technician in the event of legal action. Typically a ski binding is no longer indemnified after about 10 years, at this time it's time to retire them to a recycling program or create a beer opener

We need a few things for a mount and adjustment: 1. Height, Weight, Age and Ability of the skier. 2. the skier's ski boot with toe and heels free of excessive wear. 3. A signatory 18+ years-old.



Buy the ski and binding from Skiis & Biikes FREE
Buy just the binding or ski from Skiis & Biikes  $25
Ski and binding purchased elsewhere $50
Ski binding swap



Track adjustment
Flat mount adjustment $20
Flat mount adjustment with remount
Kids adjustment (in Half Back) $15


*We cannot rebuild or test your bindings for safety.  

Snowboard Bindings

We mount and adjust angles of snowboard bindings from brands like:

Burton, Burton EST and Step-On, Union, Ride, Salomon, Deelux, K2 and all other major snowboard brands.

All adjustments and installs are $20.