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How to Buckle Your Boots (Properly)

Carol Ching

If you’re buckling the lower buckles first, your boots won’t fit as well as they should and the ski day could prove to be a gross misadventure. We need to talk.
How to Buckle Your Boots (Properly)

How to Buckle Your Boots (Properly)

This might seem entirely obvious, and we don’t mean to be condescending, but if you are buckling your ski boots from the bottom up, we need to talk.

Ski boots and shoes have only one thing in common: they go on your feet. When it comes to putting them on and doing them up, they're polar opposites. To achieve a proper fit in the parking lot before hitting the slopes, it's essential that you buckle each boot in a particular order. If you’re buckling the lower buckles first, your boots won’t fit as well as they should or work properly.

Follow these seven simple steps and you will have a much better time on the hill:

step 1 in bootfitting

1. While wearing proper ski socks, insert your foot into the boot―just like Cinderella.
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step 2 in bootfitting

2. Start with the lower cuff buckle first.

step 3 in bootfitting

3. Once it’s secured, put forward pressure on your shins to flex the boot forward. This will allow your heel to slide back into the correct position and take pressure off your toes.

4. Fasten the upper cuff buckle and secure the gigantic strap at the top.

step 4 in bootfitting

5. Now that the entire cuff is locked in, flex forward again to make sure that the heel is right where it should be.

step 5 in bootfitting

6. Give the tongue an upward tug to situate your shins and ankle.

7. The very last step is to fasten the toe buckles.

How tight should the buckles be? Only you can know for sure, but you want to secure your foot firmly in place without cutting off circulation.

If you've been going about this process in another way, give this a shot. We guarantee it will make a difference in your skiing. A proper boot fit is the most important part of the entire ski equipment equation. You can have the nicest gear in the world, but if the boot fit is off, you will suffer a profound loss of performance and comfort. Now we just have to find you some proper socks and skiing will never be the same.

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