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Devin Montgomery

Skiis and Biikes is happy to be your Trek bikes dealer in Toronto. In this brand guide, we'll take a look at all of Trek's many categories of bikes and some of our best selling models. Trek makes something for everyone, whether you're looking for an affordable entry-level hybrid or a pro-level mountain or road bike, so check out our guide and see which model is perfect for you.
Trek FX fitness bike

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We’ve got the best Trek Bikes in Toronto for all riding styles

Our customers love Trek bikes because they offer something for everyone. Whether you’re new to cycling or you’re a seasoned veteran, Trek offers high performance models in every price point and ability level. Below are a few of our most popular models as well as links to the full selection of Trek bikes in each category, so keep reading to find the perfect new bike for you!

Woman riding Trek hybrid bike in a city

Trek Hybrid Bikes

Perfect for: Urban commutes, weekend workouts, and afternoon cruises

Trek hybrid bikes are do-it-all everyday bikes that are great for a variety of purposes. These models make great weekday commuters and weekend cruisers. They’re quick and functional for two wheeled transportation, and you can also get in a great workout when you want to break a sweat. Some models are designed more for speed and performance while others are more geared towards comfortable, enjoyable riding. Check out our favorites below!

Our Best Selling Trek Hybrid Bikes

Trek FX 1 Stagger Hybrid Fitness Bike

Trek FX

Why you’ll love it: road tires and flat handlebars provide quickness without sacrificing comfort

The Trek FX is one of the most popular bikes on the market, and customers love it because it’s highly versatile. It’s light and fast enough for you to get in a proper workout but it can also easily be an ideal commuter thanks to the rack mounts and comfortable, upright position. The FX comes in a regular frame and a step thru frame. Check them out below.


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Trek Verve 2 Disc Hybrid and Commuter bike

Trek Verve 

Why you’ll love it: wide, shock absorbing tires and raised handlebars make for a crazy comfortable ride

The Trek Verve is built for maximum comfort, and our customers love it because it allows them to ride without the pain in their back, neck, and arms that they’d get from models with a more forward position. You can easily add a rack and other accessories to make it the perfect cruiser or comfy commuter.


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Trek Marlin mountain bike hardtail

Trek Mountain Bikes

Perfect for: Everything from beginner to advanced trail riding, plus winter commuting

Trek mountain bikes offer great off-road performance at every level. From affordable models that are perfect for honing bike handling skills to pro-level trail and enduro bikes, there will be something for you wherever you stand. Besides ripping it up on the trails, these models (specifically the hardtail mountain bikes) are a great choice for winter commuting, as those beefy tires and front suspension will help you keep your balance on icy, snowy roads and paths.

Our Best Selling Trek Mountain Bikes

Trek Marlin hardtail mountain bike

Trek Marlin 

Why you’ll love it: budding riders can’t beat the quality for such a good price

The Trek Marlin line is the perfect mountain bike for the beginner trail rider or someone looking for a seriously tough and dependable ride for a killer price. These hardtail mountain bikes will give you all the grip, gearing, and suspension you’ll need to get into trail riding and gain confidence off-road. Plus, you can add a rear rack and turn it into a tough winter commuter.


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Trek X-Caliber 8 Hardtail Mountain bike

Trek X Caliber

Why you’ll love it: upgraded components make this hardtail great for the mountain biker who wants to improve quickly

The Trek X Caliber models take trail capability to a whole other level thanks to an improved shock, hydraulic brakes, a wide 1x12 drivetrain, and more aggressive geometry. All that means you’ll have everything the pro cross country riders do, and you’ll be able to take on just about any trail with confidence.


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Trek Emonda road bike

Trek Road Bikes

Perfect for: Speed-minded cyclists that want to enjoy the group rides, improve their fitness, or enter races

Trek road bikes are great for riders who want to reach new cycling goals. Whether you’re just getting into the sport or you're looking to make the podium in your next race, Trek makes a model in line with your ambitions. Lightweight alloy and carbon frames combined with high quality components will give you the advantage you need to break through to new ground.

Trek Madone 9 C H2 road bike

Trek Madone 9 C H2

Why you’ll love it: elite aerodynamics and superior ride quality combine to give you a winning advantage on race day

The Trek Madone 9 C H2 is a blisteringly fast, shockingly light performance road bike that’s ready for race day. A host of elite level components and innovative frame design combine to rocket your forward to the front of the group ride and the top of the podium.

Price: $7,899.99

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Trek gravel bike riding on dirt road

Trek Gravel Bikes

Perfect for: riders who love adventure and speed in equal measure

Trek gravel bikes are the best way to explore off the beaten path. Their road bike geometry and lightweight frames provide for plenty of speed and efficiency, while wider tires and more versatile components offer more capability when the going gets tough. These models are great for exploring backroads, racing gravel events, and going bikepacking, and they may just be the most fun you’ve ever had on a bike.

Our Best Selling Trek Gravel Bikes

Trek Checkpoint SL 6 Gravel Bike

Trek Checkpoint

Why you’ll love it: it’s designed with one goal: to win elite gravel races

The Trek Checkpoint is a super fast, seriously versatile gravel bike. It’s built for superior speed over the roughest roads you’ll find on the world’s top gravel events. Certain models feature a Shimano Ultegra drivetrain that gives you the gearing you need for big climbs and never-ending hammer fests, and Iso Speed which helps smooth out the road so you can pedal your way to victory. It also has plenty of mounts for bikepacking adventures.


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Trek Crocket

Trek Crocket

Why you’ll love it: off-road speed and cyclocross performance

The Trek Crockett is a cyclocross bike that’s built to win races in tough conditions, and many of the features that make it a great cross bike also make it a killer gravel bike as well. Wide, capable tires, a lightweight frame, and a 1x11 gear range made for difficult climbs all work together to create a super versatile bike that’s at home on the CX course and on lonely dirt roads.

Price: $2,799.99

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Trek electric bike ridden by city commuter

Trek Electric Bikes

Perfect for: commuters, cruisers, mountain bikers, and road cyclists that want to ride faster and farther than ever before.

Trek electric bikes make it easier to go faster and farther with ease. If you’re a city commuter, you’ll love how much faster your ride to work is, and if you’ve only considered commuting, your new found speed and capability could very well be the reason you need to get started. If you’re a trail rider, you’ll love how much more terrain you can tackle. You’ll fly up the difficult climbs and have more time and energy for the fun stuff. If you’re a road cyclist, one of Trek’s electric road bikes will help you take on bigger rides and broaden your horizons with new possibilities.

Our Best Selling Trek Electric Bikes

Trek Verve + 2 electric bike

Trek Verve + 2

Why you’ll love it: top class comfort and speed create the smoothest, easiest, most fun ride ever

The Trek Verve + 2 electric bike is what ebikes should be. It gives you every reason to get out on two wheels for exercise, errands, and commutes thanks to its superior comfort and pedal-assist motor. With multiple levels of assist to choose from, you can do as much or as little as you like, and the hills and distance no longer become an issue. It’s packed with great features like integrated lights for added visibility and a rear rack for your gear.

Price: $3,469.99

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Trek Powerfly 4 FS electric mountain bike

Trek Powerfly FS 4

Why you’ll love it: you’ll pack more trails into a day since long, sweaty climbs will be a thing of the past

The Trek Powerfly FS 4 electric mountain bike is a seriously capable trail crusher that will make off-road riding more fun than ever. The fully integrated battery and motor keeps the bike well balanced for a ride that feels just like a non-motorized bike. As you fly up tough climbs, you’ll be fresher for the downs and other fun sections, and you’ll be able to ride farther than ever. The super capable 10-speed drivetrain and multiple levels of assist will help you take on any ride and get in a great workout without emptying the tank.

Price: $5,999.99

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young girl with trek kid's bike

Trek Kid's Bikes

Perfect for: budding riders who want to build confidence and have fun on two wheels

Trek kid’s bikes offer everything young riders need to practice their balance, have a blast, and gain independence. The durable yet lightweight frames will stand up to years of use and abuse, and the dependable components will ensure your little one is safe, happy, and ready to ride.

Our Best Selling Trek Kid's Bikes

Trek Precaliber 16 kids bike

Trek Precaliber 16

Why you’ll love it: the training wheels can put on and taken off quickly and without any tools

The Trek Precaliber 16 kid’s bike is a perfect first bike for any young rider around 4-6 years old. It’s super lightweight and easy for kids to maneuver, and the coaster brake makes coming to a stop simple. When your child is ready to graduate to two wheels, just unscrew the training wheels bolts and you’re good to go!

Price: $319.99

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Trek Precaliber 20 7 speed kids bike

Trek Precaliber 20 7-Speed

Why you’ll love it: this is the perfect model to get your child comfortable with the transition to hand brakes and gears

The Trek Precaliber 20 7-Speed is a great kid’s bike for gaining confidence and really getting the hang of riding. It’s usually perfect for ages 6-8 who want to learn how to use brakes and gears without overwhelming them. The suspension fork adds more comfort and control for when they head out on the dirt, grass, or trails.

Price: $409.99

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