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2022 Burton Process Intro

Devin Montgomery

Adam breaks down the new 2022 Burton Process Snowboard and all the features. The Burton Process for 2022 includes two rocker profiles and is ridden by Mark McMorris.
2022 Burton Process Intro

Adam's in Mississauga doing a couple preview shoots for next year's 2022 product.

Today we're going to be looking at the burton process this board is extremely well known and is a bread and butter staple point in the lineup written by many pro athletes like Mark McMorris. The board has a lot of great features that are going to allow this board to work for the most accomplished rider or someone who's just starting out wants their board to last them a long time.

The most important feature is profile: this board comes in two different profiles, first one being pure pop camber. The pure pop camber is going to have a lot more camber than the flying v version will and this is going to give you a lot more edge hold a lot more pop and just giving a more lively feeling overall to the board while you're carving or finding those great side hits that everybody loves to pop off of.

Flying V Profile for Burton Process 2022

If you're looking for something a little bit more versatile a little bit more confidence inspiring you can look into that flying v which is still going to have elements of camber but is going to add a little bit more rocker into the profile too which is going to make the board just that little bit more forgiving and a little bit more versatile as well the bend of the board is a true twin so what that means is that the board is going to flex symmetrically from tip to tail giving you confidence wherever you're riding at whatever speed. When we're talking about the backbone of the board burton's using the Superfly II core which is going to come in at about 700 grams the way that burton does this is they use a lighter and stronger wood that's going to give you a lot more power to the edges.

Burton Process 2022

At 600 bucks burton's giving you a standard base as well that stinger base is an upgrade from those lower end models that use those extruded bases that don't give you that excellent speed that most guys are looking for when you're flying down the mountain so standard base means winning from there if you're looking at something that's going to be somewhat comparable to this but in just more of a directional shape you can always check out their skeleton key it's coming in at about 600 bucks as well and it's gonna give you just that different sort of riding style.