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DIN Range Recommendation Chart

Kirsten Maulucci

DIN Range Recommendation Chart

DIN Range Recommendation Chart

Please note that this chart os inoly to give you an idea of the DIN range that may be appropriate for you to help you narrow your search down. Never try to adjust the DIN of your bindings yourself and if you're unsure about your DIN, please give us a call.

26-65 Beginner-Intermediate Lightweight Children 0.5-2.5
30-100 Beginner-Intermediate Junior Skier 0.75-4.5
50-165 Beginner-Intermediate Heavier Beginner or more Advanced Junior Skier 2-7
65-200 Beginner-Intermidate More Advanced Junior Skier or Lightweight Adult Beginner 3-10
65-240 Beginner-Advanced Beginner Dkier or Lightweight more Advanced Adult Skier 3-11
65-250 Intermediate-Expert Heavier Intermediate Skier or Lightweight Expert Adult Skier 3-13
130-285 Intermediate-Expert Heavier or more aggressive Intermediate Skiers or Expert Adult Skiers 6-14
130-200+ Intermediate-Expert Heavier, aggressive Intermediate Skier or very aggressive Advanced-Expert Adult Skiers 6-16
150-200+ Expert-Pro Aggressive Expert, Big Mountain Skiers and Racers 8-18

Brake Width

A quick note on brake widths; make sure to pick a binding that has a brake within 15mm of your ski's waist width. For example, if your ski has a waist width of 90mm, a binding with a brake width of 90-105mm should be suitable.

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