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Rossignol Nova Series

Carol Ching

A deep dive into the new 2021 Rossignol Nova series, built for adventurous women of all skiing levels. We break down the technology that makes these skis one of the best in the women specific category.
Rossignol Nova Series

Rossignol Nova Series

Rossignol Nova Series: An elegant blend of precision, agility and bold feminine style. In the last few years, Rossignol has been heavily invested in perfecting a womens line dedicated to skiers of all levels. The Nova Series is built specifically for female geometry by utilizing the tech from the mens version (React) while slimming and softening the core. There is no skimping out on the amount of technology placed in these skis whether they are beginner or advance.

LCT( Line Control Technology) eliminates counter-flexing to ensure consistent and smooth stability for confident control of your line.
On Trail Rocker. For easier pivoting on flat skis with a smooth and forgiving feel in the turns. The rise is designed so that once the ski is on its edge, the rocker section resumes contact with the snow, so then the ski works in the turn providing full-length edge contact.
Rossignol also worked on perfecting the flex characteristics of these skis. The result’s a flex that’s tailored to the level of skier that each model is aimed at, called Adaptive Flex.

Our Picks

Rossignol Nova 4 CA + XPress W 10 GW Binding

"The ski responds well to inputs at low and intermediate skis, making it a good choice for unexperienced skiers." -
This is one of the most affordable entry level skis on the market, yet there is absolutely no compromise on the quality and tech. The Nova 4 offers comfort and control perfect for the beginner skier whose looking to progress in their carving. The Assist flex provides easy handling as the ski will sag 33mm. Great ski for those who are hitting the groomers but definitely not for powder and made for lower speed stability. We also recommend this ski for those transitioning from junior to adult skis.

Rossignol Nova 6 Ski + XPress W 11 GW Binding

"The edges hold very firm around all the turns. It handled all the conditions today, powder, groomed and some ice. It's a lot of fun. It's a ski that will definitely challenge your skills. - Tester
If you live in Eastern Canada, this ski is especially for you! This light but powerful skis is great on ice and hard groomers while providing the stability for higher speeds. Beginner to Intermediate skiers will enjoy riding on the Nova 6, with qualities typically featured in a higher end ski but in a user-friendly package. The rocker is slightly tipped to help with turn initiation and the camber underfoot and throughout the tail keeps things on track. The lengths offered are a little bit on the short side however most reviewers were pleasantly surprised with how poppy and playful the ski performed. We consider this the best mid level ski the series has to offer.


Rossignol Nova 10 TI Ski +Xpress W 11 GW Binding

"For a ski with a radius of 14m they were a real surprise in longer turns too; the grip never left me nervous that the ski would wash out, and they are incredibly stable." - Tester
The Rossignol Nova 10 Ti is a performance orientated women’s piste ski and is for advanced and expert skiers. For a ski that provides solid carving, it's surprisingly light. The Nova 10 Ti is a stiffer ski offering stability for your inner speed demon to really shine and the Boost flex gives alot of energy for turn initiations. One major element that we would point out is the titanal sheet sandwiched in the construction of the ski that provides the ultimate dampening for a chatter-free day. You will definitely have to put in the work and strength through the turns and the ski will be responsive. We recommend this ski for advance piste skiers who want lightweight, performance and stability.