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Hestra Gloves and Our Picks for 2021

Carol Ching

If you are in the market for a new pair of gloves or mitts that provides professional grade durability, comfort and warmth, Hestra products are the ones fo you!

See what makes Hestra the leader in the ski gloves/mitts industry and our review of our picks for 2021. 

Hestra Gloves and Our Picks for 2021

Hands Come First!

It starts with the raw material, Hestra gloves all contain one important element which is leather. Different hides and skins of variable thickness are used depending on the usage, specialized glove makers are in charge of determining which pieces are used in the creation of gloves since leather unlike synthetic materials are not all made the same.

Hestra also takes pride in creating a sustainable product, long product life equals less consumption of raw materials and lowers the impact on the environment. The liners are replaceable and it's encouraged by Hestra that customers only replace the liners as oppose to purchasing a new glove. From a manufacturing stand point, Hestra owns all their factories making it 100% their control over any environmental policies and practices, something that is rare in the ski and outdoor industry.

Our Picks


The Army Leather Patrol Gauntlet Mitt

One of the warmest high performance mitts on the market, the Patrol gauntlet mitt provides warmth in colder conditions with G-loft insulation and Army Goat leather exterior (G-loft is a synthetic insulation with the benefits of down). Gauntlet style mitts are great especially if you do not have adjustable cuffs on your jacket and prevent snow from riding up into your sleeve. Some key features we really like are the velcro closures with a simple pull strap and the carabiner and clips to ensure you never lose your mitts!
Recently we had one of our customers take these mitts for a spin in Tremblant and here's her review: Q: How would you rate the warmth out of 5?

A: 5/5. It was quite cold and windy during our trip but these mitts kept the cold out.

Q: What is your favourite feature?

A: For starters the fit is excellent and the gauntlet style really works well.

Q:What would you change about this mitt?

A:It would be nice if they had a vegan leather or synthetic version.

Q: Would you recommend these?

A: Yes! I would recommend these especially if you are looking for a mitt as oppose to a glove. Not alot of mitts have the features that the Patrol comes with. If you plan on long runs on bigger mountains with colder temperatures this is the right choice.


The Army Leather Patrol Glove

Short but packed with all the features you would want, thats how we would describe the Army Leather Patrol Glove. The exterior is a combination of a 3 layer Dobby Polyester melange and the extremely durable Army Goat leather and the interior is insulated with G-Loft. One of the key features is that the seams are actually on the outside of the glove, making it super comfy and less abrasive on the inside, it also features a neoprene cuff for extra comfort under the sleeve of your jacket. The elastic Velcro pull strap provides adjustments without creating extra bulk and there is an extra ring of leather around the fourth finger for durability. This glove is a great option for those who don't want gauntlet style but still want to feel like their hands are sealed in and ready for cold weather.
We also had a customer take these gloves on their trip to Tremblant and here's his review. Q: How would you rate the warmth out of 5?

A: 3/5. These gloves kept me warm down to -10C. I've also worn these at Blue mountain and they work fine in those mild to cold temperatures..

Q: What is your favourite feature?

A: The comfort level on these gloves is key as well as the liners as that extra layer. The construction of the glove is really great!

Q: What would you change about this mitt?

A: It's not cellphone or tech friendly and neither are the liners, you have to take your gloves off every time you want to check your phone.

Q: Would you recommend these?

A: Yes! I would recommend these especially if you are looking for a under glove that can fit easily under your sleeve. It is definitely not the warmest glove on the market but it performs well. Great for resort skiing and apres ski.