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How to Fix a Dropped Chain

Carol Ching

Don't let a dropped chain stop your adventure. Check out our easy how to guid on fixing a dropped chain in 4 steps.
How to Fix a Dropped Chain

How to Fix a Dropped Chain

We’ve all been there, a last minute gear change, a worn chainring or a misaligned derailleur followed by a dropped chain.
Fear not, a dropped chain might seem like a hassle, but it's an easy fix. Follow these simple steps to get back on your bike:

1. Move your derailleurs to the smallest gear at the back and the smallest chainring at the front.

Dropped Chain

2. Push your rear derailleur forward to give your chain some slack.

Push the Derailleur Forward

3. Take the dropped chain and lift it on the small chainring in front.

Derailleur Release

4. Release the rear derailleur, lift your back wheel and turn your pedals manually until the chain is fully set.

Fixed Dropped Chain

Tip: If greasy hands are a pet peeve, pack a pair of latex gloves in your saddle bag.