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Fat Bike Fun!

Kirsten Maulucci

Fat bikes may look a bit odd, but they have a unique ability to go places and do things that other bikes simply can't.

Fat Bike Fun

In our never-ending quest to have fun on bikes (and help other people have fun on bikes), we have found that there is a lot of resistance to the fat bike in particular. It seems that everyone can generally get behind a carbon trail bike or a classic cruiser, but trying to convince someone that a fat bike is an disdain. Why would I ever ride that bike? Well, there really are a lot of reasons, and mainly that these bikes are fun!

The traction! Oh my, the traction. The tires are bigger than any other bike and what that means for you is that the bike has more traction. You can ride with more confidence and trust that the tired will hold their line.

Fat bike tires

They go places. Remember that time you took your road bike on that amazing trip across the sand dunes of the Sahara? ...Neither does anyone else because it's just not possible. It's still pretty ambitious on a fat bike, but unlike every other bike tire in existence, a trip like that is possible on a fat bike.

They go other places. Imagine that some scenario, but a bit closer to home. Do you have confidence in your road bike's ability to stay upright on the icy streets of mid-winter Mississauga? Probably not, but senor Fat Bike has no problem with the slick conditions.

You guessed it, they go even more places! Everyone who has tried riding a trail bike on snow knows that it just doesn't go. But a fat bike can take a stroll on a groomed trail like a champ.

Riding fat bike

Ride fast, have fun. Just because they look goofy doesn't mean you can't ride the bike however you want. You've got the most traction you can possibly get on a bike, and those tires act like supple suspensions in the front and back. Fat bikes come in all shapes and sizes and we've seen more and more performance oriented models recently. They can take anything you throw at them...and they will eat it.

Give fat bikes a chance. The bike industry isn't about to stop looking for ways to make fun new bikes and expand the playground of our two wheeled adventure-mobiles. If they didn't push the boundaries of design, we'd all still be rolling around on balloon tire bikes, or penny-farthings wishing for something better. You don't have to love fat bikes, but give them a shot, we think you'll like them.