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Top 5 Best Kids Ski Accessories that will make your life easier

Kirsten Maulucci

Top 5 Best Kids Ski Accessories that will make your life easier

Top 5 Best Kids Ski Accessories that will make your life easier

  1. Edgie Wedgie
  2. Edgie Wedgie

    If your child is uder the age of 6 and learning to ski, an Edgie Wedgie will be your best friend. It is a skiing aid that is a thick elastic band that attaches to the tips of the skis, keeping them in the snow plow or "pizza" position. When a child can keep their ski tips together they will have better calance and control. The Edgie Wedgie will help to speed up the learning process while providing a more enjoyable introduction to skiing. Once they've mastered the "pizza" position, unscrew the tool and move on to "french fries".

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  3. Ski Ties Ulimate Kids Ski Harness
  4. Another training tool for getting your kids out on skis in a controlled manner. Help them get a feel for being on skis and on the slopes, while holding them in the harness and helping them control their speed.

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  5. Helmets with Visors
  6. Helmet with Visor

    Instead of a helmet and goggle, opt for a helmet with a visor. No more lost goggles, no more goggles pulled down over a toddlers face squishing their nose or eyes; a helmets with a visor fixes these problems. The visor keeps the sun, snow, and wind out of the child's face with the ease of being able to be pushed off the face when not needed.

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  7. Skiis & Biikes Classic Boot Backpack
  8. It can be overwhelming getting the whole family's ski equipment to the hill. A gear bag is a great investmnet to transport ski boots, helmet, goggles, gloves, neck warmers and extra socks. Each member of the family can have their own bag so that everyone's gear stays sorted and seperated. Ski and snowboard boots strap easily to the sides of the bag for lots of space for everything else inside. When you get home after a long day at the slopes, simply unstrap the boots and dry the coots with a boot dryer.

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  9. Kombi Mitten Clips
  10. Gloves and mitts will no longer be lost or dropped from the chairlift. Keep mittens and gloves secured to your child's ski jacket and safely in place. While traditional mitten strings can be dangerous around rope-tows and chair lifts, these mitten chips will release when pulled with force.

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