TOKO Hot Wax Low Fluoro 120g


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Soft, low fluorinated hot wax for races and practice sessions in all disciplines.


  • For damp to wet snow conditions
  • Tribloc technology for excellent sliding properties
  • High degree of hold
  • Fluorine Dibloc acts as a bonding agent for Top Finish products
  • Is used as a base wax and base layer for HF waxes during racing events
  • Resealable wax case

Tribloc Technology

Completely redeveloped wax technology that gives you the advantage of those split seconds that decide between victory or defeat. Extensive research and testing has resulted in new paraffins, a new type of fluorine, and a previously unknown anti-static additive fused into an impressive race wax that has set the bar at the World cup level.

The advantages of Tribloc Technology are impressive:

  • Exceptional sliding propertiese
  • Excellent acceleration values
  • Maximum dirt and water repellancy