Sweet Protection Interstellar Goggle 2020

Satin White

Size: RIG Sapphire

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Spherical Lens

Also called 'toric'. Curve both vertically and horizontally to enhance peripheral vision.

Premium Lens Technology

Goggles with premium lenses to enhance detail, increase contrast, and help you see true colours.


Product uses Gore-Tex, the highest standard in waterproofing technology.


Revolutionary freeride goggle. 

The Interstellar goggle is Sweet Protection's revolutionary, freeride goggle. Featuring Sweet Protection's proprietary lens-technology RIG enhancing the contrast in low light conditions. A revolutionary lens changes mechanism enabling the user to secure fastening of the lens without ever having to touch the lens surface. Stay protected with the Sweet Protection specific sculpted toric lens, which penetration level has proofed itself worthy beyond the call of duty. The carbon enforced co-molded frame creates a rigid frame for the lens and secure optimal vision without distortions. Equipped with GORE Protective Vents for pressure equalization will avoid deformation of the inner lens due to variable atmospheric pressure-providing optimal working conditions for the eyes. 


Lens change mechanism: secure, easy and no finger prints.

Sweet Interstellar lens change


The first sculpted toric goggle lens in the world!

Extremely strong and rigid toric lens providing superior optical properties with minimum distortion while providing extreme impact resistance. The sculpted “Eye Black” geometry helps to increase contrast, reduce glare and increase lens rigidity.


sweet toric lens


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