Specialized BG Neutralizer Bike Grip


Size: S-M

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Available Sizes For: Red

Mississauga S-M L-XL S-M L-XL
Collingwood S-M L-XL S-M L-XL
Toronto S-M L-XL S-M L-XL
Distribution Centre S-M L-XL S-M L-XL
Marketplace S-M L-XL S-M L-XL

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Our Neutralizer Grips are scientifically tested to distribute pressure more evenly across the hand, while also offering a significant ledge for your fingers to perch onto. This, combined with our super-tacky grip material, results in maximum control and comfort.

  • Medically designed to conform to the hand's anatomy. This relieves pressure-related symptoms, such as pain and numbness, which often lead to fatigue.
  • Flat ledge under the grip provides enhanced grip.
  • Super tacky, yet durable, grip provides superior control.
  • Small/Medium diameter: 30mm
  • Large/X-Large diameter: 32mm