Leki Airfoil 3D Ski Poles 2022

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Black Lime

Size: 115

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Available Sizes For: Black Lime

Mississauga 115 120 125 135 130
Collingwood 115 120 125 135 130
Toronto 115 120 125 135 130
Distribution Centre 115 120 125 135 130
Marketplace 115 120 125 135 130

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Fast, precise, perfect for short turns and sporty curves. This is how the performance characteristics of the new Airfoil
3D can be summed up. The new launch features the innovative Trigger 3D strap system for more control, comfort,
and safety.

The sophisticated and patented trigger system could be raised to a new level of performance by the LEKI product developers. The new Trigger 3D grip convinces with more control through a more direct connection between glove and pole. In addition, the ease of use has been improved for simple and quick clicks in and out. The Trigger 3D inspires with an innovative, three-dimensional triggering in which the triggering spectrum has been expanded four times, in comparison to the current Trigger S system.

The top pole, with a diameter of 14 mm, can be recognized at first glance by the Airfoil profile (droplet shape). This makes it particularly aerodynamic and supports perfect swing behavior. LEKI uses high-quality HTS 6.5 aluminum as the shaft material. This makes the poles extremely resistant to the toughest loads. The clean design and firstclass printing technology give the poles an elegant, sporty look.

The new Trigger 3D system is compatible with all existing Trigger S gloves and straps