Continental Presta Valve Light Bike Tube

700 x 18-25

Size: 60mm

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Available Sizes For: 700 x 18-25

Mississauga 60mm 80mm 42mm
Collingwood 60mm 80mm 42mm
Toronto 60mm 80mm 42mm
Distribution Centre 60mm 80mm 42mm
Marketplace 60mm 80mm 42mm

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Conti tubes – what’s so special? 

A simple formula for a simple application – but funny how the competitors manage to miss the details. Mold-cured, seamless-extruded, with removable valve cores are features that make Conti tubes a step above the rest.

700 x 18-25 - PV 60mm Light - 80g

700 x 18-25 - PV 80mm Light - 90g

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