Ski Tuning

MONTANA Crystal Glide



MONTANA Crystal Glide



Temperature Specific



The Process

The machine grinds off about the same amount of base material as your finger-print.

Getting your skis or board sharpened and base ground will make your skiing and boarding experience safer and more fun.




An extra wide grinding stone allows the robot to tune a pair of skis or one snowboard at a time. This process takes off a very fine layer of base material, cleaning minor scratches and printing a glide-enhancing structure in your base.

Remember that texture the base of your skis had when they were brand new? With the Montana robot we can bring old bases back to life or keep your skis as pristine as they ever were.




The Montana’s next generation measurement and guidance systems allow its tuning side edge belts to engage at the precise position, angle and pressure, in order to take off the correct amount of material. This gives your skis or board the right amount of edge hold necessary for those icy spots on the hill.




Using a diamond bedded stone, the base edge is polished the full length of the ski at the desired bevel angle without burring the edge.

The result is precision down to a tenth of a degree. We offer a radial tune, which means that the angle of the edge where it contacts the snow is 0.7° at the tip and 1° underfoot for optimal performance.






We throw in a buff wax with every tune.

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Mounting Services


Ski Flat Mount: All outside parts


Ski Flat Mount: 1/3 Bought at Skiis & Biikes


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Ski Binding Adjustment


Track Binding Install and Adjustment