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Race Essentials

Carol Ching

Gear up and get ready for race season with our Ski Race Essentials guide. In this guide we break down the must-have equipment that you shouldn't race without. Here are our top 10 race essentials to ensure this season is your best season yet!
Race Essentials

1. Ski Gear Bag

We can’t recommend our top race essentials without first recommending a place to put them all.

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Our bag of choice: the Skiis and Biikes Beast Equipment Backpack.
The gear bag is made for athletes. Endless space for all your racing gear, including ski boots, shin guards, helmets, speed suit, racing shorts, and the list goes on.
Keep it all in one bag for an easy and organized transition from the car to the hill.

2. Ski Race Helmets

Your helmet is a critical part of your ski race gear. You don't want to pick up a used helmet for racing, so if you need a new model you can check out all our options below.

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If you want to read moore about the different styles, there are two types of helmets:

Half Shell Ski Race Helmets

Half Shell helmets are commonly used for slalom racing, incorporating soft ear pad protection allows for a more comfortable fit and better hearing.

Full Shell Ski Race Helmets

- Mandatory for Giant Slalom and Super-G, but can also be used in Slalom racing
- All adult Full Shell helmets that Skiis & Biikes sells are FIS approved. (FIS Hard Ear helmets are mandatory for U14 and U16 GS, Super-G, and Dual racing and recommended for all other racering levels).
FIS full shell Helmets are approved for all types of racing across all age levels.
- It is the “one size fits all” helmet in terms of what it can be used for
- Some racers prefer to have one helmet for all races. By adding a chinguard to a Hard ear helmet, it can be used for Slalom.
- Others like to have two so they don’t have to put on and remove the chinguard.

3. Ski Race Chin Guards

Chin guards are mandatory in slalom racing.
For slalom (SL), athletes can wear a GS/SG/DH helmet with a compatible chin guard or they can use a half shell race helmet with a chin guard. Many athletes will have a full shell helmet for GS/SG/DH and another half shell helmet with chin guard for SL so that they don't have to add and remove the chin guard to their full shell helmet.
If you'd like to get a GS/SG/DH helmet that works with a chinguard, here are some combinations that we recommend:

4. Ski Race Skin Suits

A skin suit makes the racer more aerodynamic and in some cases, adds padding for protection against gate.
Not permitted for U8, but recommended for all other levels.

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5. Ski Race Pole and Arm Guards

When racing slalom, racers need protection from the impact of the gates.
Depending on the brand of pole the racer already has, they will need to pick a compatible guard.
Leki pole guards are not compatible with non-leki poles
Rossignol and kerma almost always work regardless of brand (excluding Leki) - as long as the pole grip has a screw a the top of the pole

Shin guards

Shin guards fit from the top of the racers boots and cover the knee and are used with racing slalom.

6. Ski Boot Heaters (for Parents too)

Keeping your feet warm during a day on the slopes is essential. A great bootfit and a quality pair of socks can keep feet warm in most cases.
Racers are on the hill from open to close and in all conditions and want to be able to focus on training rather than staying warm. No racer wants to be distracted or not performing at their highest level because their toes are cold.
Our choice is the Therm-ic C-Pack 1700 B + Heat Kit for Insoles Set, our team will even install it for free!
Side tip: Boot heaters are also a great option for parents who are standing around the bottom of the hill. The Therm-ic Heated Socks are a great option for parents as they can be worn in ski and regular boots.

7. Ski Race Back Protection

Added protection is never a bad thing. Back protectors are becoming more and more popular among racers especially for speed events.
Back protectors are very sleek and comfortable and fit under the skin suit so they don’t impact aerodynamics.

8. Ski Race Gloves

We recommend that racers add another layer of protection to their hands by choosing race-specific mitts or gloves.

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9. Ski Tune Kits

An essential for all racers is keeping their edges sharp to have the best advantage in any race. Beyond regular tunings with the Skiis & Biikes Montana Crystal Glide tuning robots combined with hand tuning, a diamond stone and file guide is a great essential for ensuring that edges sharp and polished between races.
Make sure to buy correct angles (if the racer is unsure of their angles, their coach will know what they should be using)

10. Ski Boot Cat Tracks

Boot Sole protector and grip
- Sturdy polyurethane construction slips on the bottom of the ski boot and adds walking comfort while eliminating damage from gravel and sand
- Fits all major ski boot brands and folds up to fit into a pocket when not in use

Skiis and Biikes Bonus Tip!

Gogglesoc. Make sure your goggles don’t get scratched during travel between races.